Tuesday, December 9, 2014


(Throwing back to the sunny and fine weather a couple weeks ago while I am snuggling in the blanket with a hot cup of tea.)

 I guess my first attempt to shoot during sunset was not that magical at all as the photos turned out quite yellow-y. Also, da boyfriend commented on my outfit saying it was strange that I wore a sweater and a scarf on top but a pair of flowy shorts at the bottom which was what I liked about this outfit. I am probably a weirdo after all. :p Tell me if you like this outfit and hope that I am not the only one. hehe  xx


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Sunday, November 9, 2014


The crisp in the air, the fuzzy socks, the beanie and the denim shirt certainly sounds like the recipe of comfort to me. The only bad thing in the season is probably my freezing hands but that just leads to more layers of clothing which is always appealing to me. For the past years, I had always thought of myself as a summer lover but I guess that is not the case anymore. Time to put the mini skirts and tank tops into the back of my closet and reach out for the knits and pants. Until next time. xx

Beanie - H&M / Shirt and leggings - local store / Converse

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Saturday, October 25, 2014


My life got pretty overwhelming while I was gone. I guess it's normal for people to occasionally doubt their existence and passion as there is no escape to people constantly criticizing and judging. Nevertheless, I still enjoy what I am doing and this is what really matters.

The midi skirt has been my favorite since the day I got it and finally, I got the chance to shoot myself in it despite my hectic schedule. Thanks to my "professional photographer". :P


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Saturday, September 27, 2014


Print on print is a rare combo from me but I guess there's a first time for everything. I have been obsessing with flowy shorts all summer but I guess it's almost time to pull out the midi skirt and jeans instead. Trying to have fun in the mist of the hectic school life is definitely not easy but I am surely getting used to it. My only wish now is that autumn could come faster so I would be able to work on some cozy outfits.  xx

Top - H&M / Shorts - Cotton On / Cardigan - Uniqlo / Shoes - Topshop

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I apologise if you were looking forward for an outfit post but I figure I'll share some makeup that I love with you instead even though I'm no expert in this aspect. Anyways, it's be fun for us to exchange some tips and tricks,right?

1. Maybelline Pure BB Mineral BB Watergel: To be honest, I am currently scouting for a new BB cream but don't get me wrong, this one works just fine. Being a waterbase bb cream, it still gives me a bit of coverage and obviously, moisturizes my skin without making it feel oily. Moreover, I like applying bb cream with a damp sponge as it gives a smoother finish. I indeed have nothing to complain but I do want to try something new as this tube has lasted forever. Any bb cream recommendations are appreciated.

2. Za perfect fit concealer: I read about this product in a Japanese magazine when my Revlon one was running low so I decided to give it a try. I have to say, this is by far the best drugstore concealer I have ever tried. Covering the redness and dark circles on my face, my skin looks quite glowing and flawless after using it. Surprisingly, after doing some research online, I found that Za is a subsidiary of Sheiseido and is mostly sold in Asian countries like Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong. Unlike other drugstore concealers that sold in Hong Kong, this Za one actually provides three shades to choose from (others often have two shades only) which never hurt anyone.

3. Rimmel Stay Matte Powder: I guess there's no need to talk much about this powder as every girl with oily skin knows it and uses it. It is quite longlasting as it says on the packaging but still, it cannot eliminate the shine around my nose for long which is fine as I have super-duper oily skin in that particular area. (sigh) It controls the oil on my forehead nicely though.

4. Blush by Daiso Japan in orange: Let's conclude my feeling for this one in a sentence - absolutely loving this bronzy-orange shimmery blush, especially for its price.

5. High Beam by Benefit: To be honest, I use it only when I have more time or I want some extra glow on my face, i.e. weekends that I actually leave the house. I put it on the high points on my cheekbones, cubid bow and my cheeks but not on the bridge of my nose as it doesn't look good there with unknown reason. Wondering if it just bothers me or others find it weird on the nose too.

I use some random eyeliner and brow pencil to tightline and fill in my brows and both of the products are not buzz-worthy so I guess I'll just end my little "review" here. I am sorry for the lack of posts recently as I kind of  lose the motivation to blog due to the craziness of school. I will try to get my life together and strike a balance between studying and blogging so please bear with me. Hope you enjoy and I'll see you all soon. xx

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