Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sporty Gal

Let's say I'm never big on sports but somehow love to fool people with my outfit, plus I have pretty tan skin all year round. My Easter break has started but gets kinda dreary at this point. My everlasting laziness and lack of motivation are probably to blame. I understand that sitting in front of the camera all day does no good to my life so I should probably stop now and grab lunch or clean my more-than-messy room. (again) Next blog post will be filled with Korean cuisine so stay tuned if you love food. haha   xx

All from local stores except Adidas sneakers

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Friday, April 11, 2014

My Mango Wishlist

Apology in advance for my poor photoshop skills.

A little wish list for the spring and summer time featuring rompers, dresses with bright colors and crochet details, chic black sandals and a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans. Most of the items are pretty fashionable by itself so you can just throw them on and you are good to go! My personal favorite is probably the boyfriend jeans as it’s a wardrobe staple and you can wear them with basically EVERYTHING.

Mango has recently launched on ZALORA! You can now get the above items at Mango Hong Kong! All the items will be linked down below. Happy shopping guys! :)

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Sunday, April 6, 2014


This is part 2 of my shoot with Jess but unfortunately, it was getting dark outside at that time and the photos are not as good due to bad lighting. The funny thing is that we attempted to use the flash light on our iphones as studio lights and it kinda worked. (lol at myself) By the way, with the sun shining yesterday, I went out and shot a couple outfits with my bro. Can't wait for you guys to see them.       xx

Top - local store / Jeans - Salad / Pumps - Zara

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Black and White Update

Hey, bro.

Trying to capture my well-tied french braid which is a first.

Pathetically struggling for Maths on an overcast Sunday afternoon.

Before the hailstorm.

The downpour on Sunday night.

The good news is that my mom had bought me a new camera which I haven't used to shoot any outfits yet due to the weird and extreme weather these few days. Strange as it is, I'm actually kinda enjoying this kind of shady and dampy weather as it's such a great time for SLEEEEEEPING. (not proud to say that I fall asleep during lessons but who can resist?) Enough for the weather, playing with my new baby, I found black and white pictures really fascinating recently. It brings out the feelings in portraits and mood in basically every photo. Part 2 of my shoot with Jess from Third of November coming up soon. Click here to see part 1 if you havent.    xx

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Dark Spring

Being quite skeptical about this outfit, I was not sure if I want to post it here. I guess sometimes I'd like to experiment with different things so I think this is not my usual style? Even though I'm uncertain about what "my style" is. haha. 

Needless too say, school life is still super stressful and I am kind of sick right now which makes me realise that it may be a good thing because a) I am allowed to be a little bit more lazy. b) I have one more excuse to escape from school and homework. I know, I know, one shouldn't be that negative but I really want a break from my hectic life. My blog is probably my only outlet now.

Top and faux leather shorts from local stores / Leggings - F21 / Converse

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